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Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Franklin Method Center is under the directorship of Debby Orlando, Franklin Method Educator Level III, and Licensed Franklin Method Faculty. The Center is dedicated to the teachings of Eric Franklin, founder of The Franklin Method®. The Franklin Method® creates happy minds and healthy bodies using anatomical embodiment and dynamic neurocognitive imagery (DNI)™. It teaches you to use your body in a functional manner; most specifically by learning to use your mind to support the function in your body. At the Franklin Method Center you can schedule FM sessions and take classes. We are available for questions and mentoring. Blogs, workshops, and videos pertaining to FM principles will be part of an effort to create awareness of this life changing method.

Upcoming workshop

Franklin Method US (Midwest) Level I Training in Milwaukee

Starts April 2020. Visit www.franklinmethod.com for more information and registration

What is the Franklin Method?

Using mental imagery, you will learn to bring into your physical experience, your feelings and experiences that serve you better than before. It is not enough to just know anatomy; you must embody your anatomy to bring the information into your physical being. Learning the Franklin Method® will teach you embodiment; which is in simple terms; feeling the design of your body, not just intellectualizing it or memorizing the terms of your anatomy. The Franklin Method® applies to any movement modality; whether it is dance, yoga, Pilates, GYROTONIC® method, to only name a few. You will feel more comfortable, have less injuries, feel better, and be more successful in whatever movement choice you make.

About Us

Since 2009, Debby has studied the Franklin Method under the direction of Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer. She is a certified Level I and Level II Franklin Method Educator. In addition, she achieved the highest level of Franklin Method training as a certified Level III Franklin Method Educator and was part of the first Level III graduating class in the United States in September, 2011. She is also a Licensed Franklin Method Faculty and a Sourcepoint Therapy® Practitioner.

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Franklin Method Center Certified Level III Educator